Never Let Your Guard Down In Latest Trailer For The Walking Dead Season 5

“Never let your guard down.” Sound advice in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, no doubt, but it seems as though Walkers aren’t the only cause for concern in The Walking Dead season 5; rather, it’s likely our small band of survivors will have to contend with some nasty human enemies, too.

At least, that’s according to the latest teaser trailer, which showcases series protagonist and weathered alpha male Rick Grimes dishing out the pep talk to his friends once again.

For the fifth run of the widely-popular adaptation, it’s understood that Rick, Michonne and the rest of the crew will encounter the somewhat strange residents of Terminus — a supposed haven that is said to contain food and shelter. Mind you, given that this is The Walking Dead, fans can most likely look forward to an explosive start to the series, a mid-season lull and a finale composed of empty threats to kill one character or more.

Perhaps I’m painting in broad strokes. Either way, much like its reanimated villians, The Walking Dead as a franchise is proving rather hard to kill, as AMC has now confirmed plans to kickstart a spin-off. At this stage, only a pilot episode has been announced for the companion series, though given the success of the main show, it’s logical for the network to branch out and follow other survivors — much like Telltale’s critically-acclaimed game series.

AMC has confirmed that The Walking Dead season 5 is set to begin with “No Sanctuary” on Sunday, October 12th.