Hailee Steinfeld reveals her favorite Marvel film

Hailee Steinfeld disclosed during a recent interview with D23 Inside Disney Podcast her favorite Marvel movie from the franchise. The MCU has produced and released 26 films since 2007. 

Steinfeld, who is currently starring in Disney+ miniseries Hawkeye along with Jeremy Renner, told the outlet that her beloved Marvel movie ranges from Avengers: Endgame to other films in the franchise. 

She said, “Yes, my short answer is yes. A favorite it’s always hard for me to pick a favorite I love [Avengers] Endgame. That might be it. It’s Endgame until I go watch another one, then it will be that one for a while. It’s a vicious cycle of interchanging favorites.”

The 24-year-old said that because of her love for the Marvel movies and the series moving from the theaters to the small screens showcased the impact the company and those in the projects have.

Steinfeld added, “But yea, I grew up watching these films. There’s something about them. It’s an experience to go and sit in a theater and watch these films. It’s what makes you want to be in them. I mean, its the craziest thing, and what’s so amazing is its been proven that now even watching anything MCU from home is still that much of an experience. I think that says a lot about the MCU and the people involved.” 

Hawkeye is now streaming on Disney+. What is your favorite Marvel movie from the billion-dollar franchise? Leave your comments down below.