Hailee Steinfeld shares idea for Disneyland ‘Hawkeye’ ride

While fans around the world are loving the new Disney Plus original series Hawkeye, it seems that its two main stars have had some conversations about how it could get a ride at Disneyland.

In a recent interview with the D32 Inside Disney Podcast, Hailee Steinfeld talked a bit about going to Disneyland as a kid while growing up in southern California.

“Some of my favorite memories are at Disneyland,” she said. “I can’t say I’ve gone a crazy amount of times, at least not as many as you might think growing up in southern California, but I don’t know. I always feel like I could use a Disneyland trip.”

When asked about her favorite ride, things got really interesting. While she couldn’t pick a favorite and expressed a deep love of the churros at the park, she also revealed how she had talked with co-star Jeremy Renner about having a Hawkeye ride at Disneyland.

“Jeremy and I had a moment actually while we were shooting where we shot this car chase and the two of us looked at each other after the first take and said, ‘If Hawkeye had a ride at Disneyland, this is what it would be.’ And I have not stopped thinking about that since.”

She also jokingly quipped that she might not return to Disneyland until there is a Hawkeye ride, so we’ll have to see if this impressive one-woman boycott could make something happen at the theme park.

Would you go to Disneyland to try out a Hawkeye chase scene-inspired ride? Tell us in the comments!