‘Halo’ live action series gets new teaser ahead of first look trailer

halo infinite

Halo fans just got a wallop of good news with the announcement that the upcoming live action series adaptation of the beloved video game franchise will be getting its first look trailer later this week.

The announcement was made on the official @HaloTheSeries Twitter account, saying the trailer would air during Thursday’s The Game Awards. The announcement even included some jaw-dropping teaser clips.

It’s certainly a stunning prospect that the beloved video game franchise will finally have a live action treatment after more than a decade of previous attempts to do so failed, most notably 2009’s District 9 being the result of a planned Halo adaptation by Peter Jackson that fell through financially. Some of the props and items that appeared in the Neil Blomkamp-directed District 9 were originally made for the Halo movie.

The nine-episode first season of Halo the series is slated to come to streaming service Paramount Plus, with Pablo Schreiber starring as Master Chief, Natasha McElhone featuring as Doctor Catherine Halsey, and Jen Taylor reprising her longtime voice role as Cortana.

This newest teaser didn’t show much by way of our protagonist super solider Chief or his A.I. companion Cortana. However it did give us what is perhaps our best glimpse yet at the world-building of the show, featuring an impressive array of soldiers of the United Nations Space Command, humanity’s interplanetary military arm in the 26th century, in a giant hanger of sorts.

Within the mythology of the games, humankind is at war with an alliance of alien races — known as the Covenant —with the aforementioned UNSC creating a super soldier group called the Spartans in a bid at getting the upper-hand in the struggle. Master Chief John-117, the main character from the series, is one of the few remaining Spartans left.

The first-look trailer for the Halo series makes its premiere Thursday at The Game Awards, with the show having a 2022 release on Paramount Plus.