Halo TV Series Teaser Reportedly Leaks Early


A new teaser for the upcoming Halo TV series on Paramount Plus has purportedly leaked online ahead of the show’s scheduled 2022 release.

The news comes to us from @DexertoSpartans on Twitter, an account that goes by the name of Spartans News, who posted the clip Monday morning. The Twitter user said the teaser had apparently “appeared on Facebook ads early.”

The brief clip features a close-up of our hero’s gloved hand as well as one of his armor reading “117,” a nod to the character’s full name, “Master Chief Petty Officer John-117.”

We then see from behind the character donning the iconic helmet and are treated to a front view of the helmet, complete with the iconic gold-tinted visor and a woman’s voice⏤presumably the benevolent A.I. known as Cortana⏤saying, “Hello, Master Chief.”

The title of the show is then put on display, alongside the classic Gregorian chant-like theme song familiar to gamers everywhere. The leaked teaser has yet to be authenticated, but with a release date for the show expected next year, according to IMDb, it would be appropriate to start getting teases right about now.

The nine-episode first season is set to star Pablo Schreiber as Master Chief, Natasha McElhone as Doctor Catherine Halsey, and Jen Taylor reprising her longtime voice role as Cortana.

We’ll be sure to keep you up-to-speed on all the latest developments with the forthcoming Halo TV series, including when a firm release date gets announced for its premiere on streaming service Paramount Plus.