Hannah And The Gang Are Up To Their Old Tricks In Girls Season Four Trailer


Part of the addictive quality of Girls stems from the sheer cringeworthy behaviour of its leading ladies. The quartet of twenty-somethings have been branded by critics as entitled, rich brats with no grip on the reality of modern, adult life. Of course they are – what a dull show it would be if they were well-adjusted. Thankfully, after a glimpse at the new trailer for season four it would appear that creator-director-star Lena Dunham is showing no signs of letting the four New Yorkers grow up.

After the final episode of season three landed earlier this year, self-involved, narcissist Hannah (Dunham) received an acceptance letter to a writer’s graduate program in Ohio. The season ended with audiences being led to believe she’s leaving the Big Apple behind. Well, she is, and she isn’t. Her three besties, Jessa, Marnie and Shoshanna, appear to be still shacked up in NY and receiving regular visits from their wannabe writer pal. In addition to a few choice cameos, from Gaby Hoffman as Adam’s crackers sister, the gang appear to be up to their usual schtick.

There’s hints that Marnie is as incapable as ever of maintaining a normal relationship without conditions, Shosh and Ray might be rekindling their romance, which would be disastrous, and Jessa and Adam grow ever closer with Hannah away at school. The enjoyment derived from the show, as mentioned above, isn’t from identifying with any of their actions, but more the fact that watching them continue to make hideous life decisions sometimes puts our own into perspective. In short, season four of Girls looks primed to be the most entertaining yet.

The premiere episode of Girls season 4 debuts at 9pm on January 11th on HBO. Will you be tuning in?