Hannibal Buress: Animal Furnace Special

Comedian Hannibal Buress has a new, rhythmically titled comedy special called Hannibal Buress: Animal Furnace, which aired on Comedy Central last week. Since then, Animal Furnace has released on both CD and DVD formats, which are now available for purchase.

You may know Buress from his stellar stand-up comedy, and you may even know him as a writer for Saturday Night Live. Personally, I will know him as “the homeless guy” that he’s played in 30 Rock five times, since he began writing for the critically acclaimed sitcom in 2010.

In Animal Furnace, Buress exhibits his sharp but silly, 30 Rock-like humor. Fans of the show will definitely transition into fans of his act after seeing him perform. My favorite bit was when he detailed a trip to Canada, during which he was charged with jaywalking. Clearly – a fake crime.

Check out Animal Furnace by Hannibal Buress on CD or DVD, and let us know what you think in the comments.