Harold Perrineau Joins Season 5 Of Sons Of Anarchy As Damon Pope

Lost and Oz star Harold Perrineau has been cast in season 5 of Sons Of Anarchy as Damon Pope, the major villain in the new season of FX’s biker drama. Pope’s character was introduced at the end of last season but a face was never put to the name until now.

For Sons Of Anarchy fans, Pope’s casting has been something everyone has been speculating about since the introduction of the character last season. Names like Michael Clarke Duncan and Ving Rhames were linked to the role and while I think Perrineau’s casting is a little out of left field, it can still work out extremely well.

Perrineau is a solid actor and the role will give him a chance to play a character that we haven’t really seen him play before. The show’s creator, Kurt Sutter, spoke to TV Line about Perrineau’s character. Check out what he had to say below.

“I definitely wanted to lay some track for Season 5 and put some complications already on Jax’s shoulder as he’s sitting at the head of the table.He’s already got a problem [going into Season 5].”

Perrineau will be joined by Jimmy Smits and Chuck Zito who are also taking on new characters in season five, which begins filming on Monday. Kurt Sutter revealed via his YouTube channel that the first episode will be directed by frequent Sons Of Anarchy producer and director Paris Barclay.

Sutter also spoke about a new project for Sons Of Anarchy called Before The Anarchy, which will be a behind the scenes look at the show. Sutter is know for providing fans with alot of content to tide them over during the off season and as a longtime Sons Of Anarchy fan, I’m looking forward to Before The Anarchy.

Sons Of Anarchy season 5 premieres on September 5th on FX.

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