‘Hawkeye’ action scene borrows an awesome device from the comic book series

by Keane Eacobellis

Shang-Chi raised the bar for MCU action sequences and Hawkeye seems determined to continue that hot streak.

Warning: Spoilers to follow.

Episode 3 saw perhaps the most well-shot and conceived Disney Plus Marvel action scene yet, involving a car chase in which Clint and Kate flee from the Tracksuit Mafia. Clint is driving, with Kate finally getting the opportunity to use some of the legendary “Trick Arrows.”

These have long been a staple of the comic book Hawkeye, but his slightly more grounded MCU counterpart generally uses regular arrows. Until now.

Over the course of the scene, we saw a whole bunch of them: coming in exploding, purple goo, gas, acid, and USB flavors (among many others). The cherry on top was Clint ending the chase with a super-special Pym arrow – the effects of which are likely to give the New York Transit Authority something of a headache.

Now directors Bert and Bertie have explained that they wanted to squeeze in as many types of arrows as possible. Speaking with TVLine, they said:

“We wanted to add more Christmas moments in the car chase, and so the Christmas tree lot came out of that. It was always, ‘How do we make Christmas a part of the story?’ And then when you’re going through a lot of Christmas trees, it’s like, ‘OK, what arrows are going to do what in this?’ We just expected we would have to cut some [arrows] in the end, and we didn’t. They’re all in there, which is awesome.”

The scene depleted Clint’s current stock, so here’s hoping he’ll get a chance to refill his quiver sometime next episode. Some cooler ones from the comic we haven’t yet seen are the boomerang arrow, the sonic arrow, and the thermal arrow. But, even if we don’t get to see any other in action, I’ll end the series satisfied with what we already got.

The fourth episode of Hawkeye airs tomorrow and is also directed by Bert and Bertie, so I’m confident we’ll see a continuation of the stylish action that made episode three such a fun ride.