‘Hawkeye’ fan shares minimalist poster design, delighting other fans

Fan posters and Marvel go together as well as anything has ever and even for the studio’s latest Disney+ series Hawkeye fans have come up with some extremely impressive creations.

Currently, only three episodes of Hawkeye have aired on Disney+ but there is still plenty of inspiration to take thanks to the many new characters that have been introduced. Hawkeye so far has seen Kate Bishop clash heads with quite a few different individuals, but one consistent foe has been the Tracksuit Mafia.

The Tracksuit Mafia are out to get their vengeance on Ronin who they believe to be Bishop after she was seen donning the suit, however, as fans will be aware, Ronin was the moniker Hawkeye went by for a time after Thanos’s snap.

Given this, Hawkeye has teamed up alongside Bishop not only to save her from being wrongly targetted but also to put the Ronin name to rest. One Reddit user shared fan poster design that captures this current conflict perfectly without any over-the-top or flashy visuals.

Image via Reddit user NScamander99

This artwork consisting of mostly silhouettes is proof that sometimes less is more as it showcases the feeling of the series and the holiday season it’s set within while incorporating elements of the series characters and their current threat.

Fans flocked to the discussion in the subreddit to register their approval, with comments including, “Giving me Archer vibes,” “Any poster with the tracksuit mafia is [a] win in my book,” and “Honestly looks like a legit poster they put out for the show.”

With the artwork even featuring Lucky the Pizza Dog, you won’t need any explanation to follow along with what’s taking place in this artwork and that’s a big reason why it’s so effective. Hawkeye will continue to air weekly on Disney Plus, with new episodes every Wednesday.