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Hawkeye Fans Are Already Loving Hailee Steinfeld As Kate Bishop

As the first trailer for the Hawkeye TV show lands, Marvel fans are already loving Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop.

Hawkeye Kate Bishop

This Monday morning, the first trailer for Hawkeye dropped, delivering our first look at the upcoming Disney Plus TV series, which marks the very first time Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton has gotten his own solo vehicle since he joined the MCU way back in 2011’s Thor. And while that’s a big reason to get excited about the show, folks on social media seem more hyped to meet the show’s other lead – Hailee Steinfeld, making her debut as fan-favorite character Kate Bishop.

As the trailer teases, Clint is looking to spend some much-needed quality time with his family over the holiday season when he’s pulled back into the superhero game due to a new Ronin popping up on the streets of New York. Clint discovers it’s teen archery prodigy Kate Bishop, who’s pretty much his biggest fangirl. Exactly what happens next is less clear, but it’s obvious that the pair get swept up on a wild action-packed adventure.

Steinfeld was rumored to be attached to this role for the longest time before it was finally confirmed last December that she had signed up to play Kate. The hype was already high for the Bumblebee star to enter the MCU, then, and this trailer has sent it through the roof. Now fans can’t wait to meet Kate properly this winter.

Instantly iconic.

Well, at least she tried…

Remember, as the Black Widow post-credits scene showed us, Florence Pugh is coming back as Yelena Belova in Hawkeye. So expect these two to square off at first and then hopefully become besties.

We’ve already had Patriot, Kid Loki and Wiccan and Speed, now we’re getting Kate… Oh yeah, the Young Avengers are on their way.

Expect much more from Steinfeld’s Kate to come as the MCU continues.

Get ready for the eight-part first season of Hawkeye to premiere in time for the holidays this November 28th, only on Disney Plus.

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