‘Hawkeye’ star says they’re lucky to be part of the MCU

Even before the first two episodes of Hawkeye premiered on Disney Plus last month, Marvel Cinematic Universe fans already knew that Hailee Steinfeld was set to become a recurring and integral part of the franchise moving forward.

Kevin Feige even admitted that the Academy Award nominee didn’t have to audition for the part of Kate Bishop; it was offered to her right out of the gate, something that doesn’t happen all that often when the MCU is looking to cast a high-profile hero.

Whether it’s as the permanent Hawkeye, more seasons alongside Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton or membership of the Young Avengers, West Coast Avengers or the O.G. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Steinfeld will be sticking around the shared mythology for a long time to come, having only turned 25 years old a couple of weeks back.

Speaking to Deadline’s Hero Nation Podcast, the actress admitted that she feels lucky to be part of the biggest brand in the business, and she’s looking forward to her future as part of the MCU, even though Hawkeye has largely operated independently of the Phase Four slate outside of Black Widow.

“I am so happy with this show and how these characters have come to life. It is its own world and I feel so lucky that I get to be a part of that.”

The sixth and final episode of Hawkeye is now streaming on Disney Plus, where it’s poised to send Kate and Clint off in suitably epic and spectacular fashion.