‘Hawkeye’ star teases a heartbreaking finale

hawkeye kate bishop
Image via Disney Plus/Marvel Studios

Perhaps the single biggest question going into tomorrow’ Hawkeye finale is how the last episode is going to tie up so many loose plot threads in suitably satisfying fashion, especially when there’s going to be less than an hour of screentime to work with.

Kate Bishop’s character arc needs to be drawn to a fitting close, while last week’s cliffhanger set up her mother Eleanor’s nefarious dealings with Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin, who’ll need at least a scene or two to reintroduce himself to new and old fans alike.

Then there’s the setup for Alaqua Cox’s Echo spinoff, Clint getting home to his family in time for Christmas while resolving his issues with Yelena Belova, Jack Duquesne’s role in all of this, the mysterious watch from Avengers compound and more in between.

One thing we can definitely expect is plenty of emotion, though, as Hailee Steinfeld revealed to The Hollywood Reporter.

“Is it heartbreaking? Absolutely. The one person that Kate has been trying to protect this whole time is now not to be trusted and possibly not to be protected? Maybe Kate is meant to be protected against her. So I think I was more scared for her than I felt sorry. With everything happening around her, Kate has grown very quickly in a short period of time, and she’s learned a lot. I think she’s more capable than she was a few days prior of protecting herself even though she has an Avenger by her side to help protect her.

So I felt more scared for her than I felt sorry for her in that moment. We learn this piece of information and though a lot of weight comes with that, we don’t know much more. So before feeling sorry, I think I was more curious to find out more information, while being terrified for her and what her mom, at that point, is capable of.”

WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier both came under fire for rushing through their respective last installments, so let’s hope that Hawkeye doesn’t fall into a similar trap. There’s a lot going on, some of which will be left open-ended for future Marvel Cinematic Universe adventures, but a definitive conclusion remains a requirement.