‘Hawkeye’s credits scene is a Christmas present to fans from Marvel Studios


This article contains spoilers for the credits scene in Hawkeye

Hawkeye‘s final episode is now available on Disney Plus and wraps up Clint and Kate’s adventure in style. Along the way we get a bunch of very fun bow-based combat, a lot of Kingpin, and some crucial character development for Clint, Kate, Maya, and Yelena. But the show had one last surprise up its sleeve as the credits rolled.

Introduced with a “Happy Holidays from Marvel Studios” and a festive removal of wrapping paper, we’re gifted the unedited five-minute performance of Adam Pascal’s ‘Save the City’ from the debut episode’s Rogers: The Musical.

This was an early standout moment for the show, though watching it from Clint’s perspective meant it was tinged with sadness. The Battle of New York was clearly a traumatic experience for him, and seeing an actor playing Natasha brought back some unpleasant memories. Clint soon switched off his hearing aid to block it out, which makes sense for him but was disappointing for those of us enjoying the song.

Marvel Studios released the full audio soon after the episode, but we can now bask in the full video of the finest musical moment the MCU has to offer. All I can say is that it was worth the wait and this lets us focus on all the fun details crammed into the costumes and lyrics.

One particularly amusing moment comes in the description of Hawkeye himself, who is briefly summarised as “he seems cool, like a really nice guy”. Oh well, I guess when you’re a black ops agent it’s best people don’t know that much about you.

I’m sure the scene will appear on Marvel’s official YouTube channel soon, though it rounds out a heartwarming and festive show that ranks amongst the best things Disney Plus has yet offered.

Let’s hope we hear news of Hawkeye‘s return for a second season soon.