Hawkeye’s final episode is longer than any other Disney Plus Marvel finale


One of the major criticisms of WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was that their final episodes felt a little rushed, with far too many unresolved plot points being wrapped up in a swifter fashion than many fans would have liked. Fortunately, it looks as though Hawkeye may be avoiding that particular pitfall.

Which is just as well, because there are still a whole lot of pieces left on the board, and no sign of a checkmate. There’s the conclusion to Clint Barton’s desperate desire to get back home in time for Christmas, whatever comes next for Kate Bishop, and the head-to-head between Clint and Yelena Belova over his role in the demise of Natasha Romanoff.

That’s without mentioning the setup that leads into Maya Lopez’s spinoff series Echo, the Kingpin-shaped elephant in the room, Eleanor Bishop’s role in taking out the Avengers’ resident archer, whatever the story is behind the watch recovered from the compound, Jack Duquesne’s role in whatever’s going on, and more besides. Whew.

The latest information claims that the sixth installment of Hawkeye will run for 59 minutes, which would give it the distinction of being the longest season finale in the admittedly brief history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on Disney Plus, but that still feels a touch on the brief side given the aforementioned resolutions that all need to be addressed.