Hawkgirl Gets The Spotlight In Latest Promo For DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow


It looks like these character videos for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow are going to become a daily occurrence in the build up to the series premiere later this month. Yesterday saw the release of one focusing on Hawkman, and today, it’s Hawkgirl who gets the spotlight. Played by Ciara Renee, the character first appeared in the season one finale of The Flash.

After being used there as a love interest for Cisco, the recent crossover with Arrow saw her make the transformation into Hawkgirl, with those episodes revolving around how her story ties to that of the villainous Vandal Savage. With him set to be the big bad of Legends of Tomorrow, Savage’s desire to kill Hawkman and Hawkgirl is inevitably going to come into play there.

In the video, we see a cool collection of footage from the character’s past appearances, along with new shots from Legends of Tomorrow, and it definitely appears as if the hero will be one of the best parts of the series.

Legends of Tomorrow is set to hit The CW on January 21st, and with early reviews pointing to it being another hit for The CW, this ragtag team of heroes is clearly going to be here to stay.

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