HBO Looking To Capitalize On Band Of Brothers, Signs David Fincher

OK, I apologize if that title was a little misleading, but we’re talking about two different stories here. There’s no HBO Band of Brothers spin-off miniseries helmed by David Fincher in the works, but we have some good news nonetheless.

In an attempt to continue the success of miniseries events like Band of Brothers and The Pacific, HBO frontrunners Michael Lombardo and Richard Plepler have released details on a new military based event, channeling the two smash hits mentioned before.

At the same time, HBO has also announced they’ll be teaming with famed director David Fincher (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo/The Social Network) on a project yet to be specified. Hold onto your butts HBO fans, things are about to get pretty interesting.

First off, let’s go back to the comments made by Lombardo and Plepler.

While doing a press run in Paris, the duo mentioned another WWII miniseries was currently in the works, focusing on “aerial battles in the Pacific.” That’s all we know right now, not even knowing if Spielberg and Hanks are going to get their magic hands in the mix, but fans of the first two dramatic storylines have no reason to doubt the quality of a third with HBO‘s always building and impressive track record.

The David Fincher announcement is quite the opposite right now, as we only know the director’s involvement and nothing about the source material. Could it be his previously announced adaptation of the novel Mind Hunter: Inside The FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit, which he developed with Charlize Theron in a starring role? Could it be a completely random project he’s been hiding from the world? Honestly, I’m not sure it matters, because the announcement alone of David Fincher and HBO coming together is a beautiful thing.

Keep in mind though, Fincher still wants to launch his pet project 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea (hopefully with Brad Pitt along for the voyage), which is waiting for the green light from Disney. If that goes ahead, you can shelve your HBO hopes and excitement for a little while longer.

HBO continues to be a major player in the television game, and these two announcements only seem to be furthering their concrete position as a dominating force. Band of Brothers, The Wire, The Sopranos, Deadwood, Entourage, Six Feet Under – if you don’t have HBO Go yet and aren’t swayed by these current announcements, what bombshell releases could you possibly be waiting for?!

Source: Indiewire