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HBO Hands Out Renewals To Westworld, Insecure And Divorce

HBO has made a big announcement today, revealing that they've ordered up a second season of Westworld, Insecure and Divorce.

HBO has made a big announcement today, revealing that they’ve ordered up a second season of WestworldInsecure and Divorce. Speaking about the news, President of Programming, Casey Bloys, told IndieWire the following:

“I wanted to wait a few weeks to make sure the ratings held up and were doing well. All three seem to be connecting critic-wise, with audiences and culturally. They’re doing exactly what you want a show to do, which is getting fans excited.”

While the latter two series will likely return by next Fall, Bloys isn’t so sure that Westworld will have its second outing ready for that time, saying that it’s “such a big and ambitious show I’m not sure it will be fall 2017, it could go into 2018. We’ll have to see when we get it up and running.”

According to the network, Westworld is pulling in impressive numbers, with a gross audience of 11.7 million viewers, making it “among the highest first-season” shows HBO has ever had. It’s easy to see why that is, too, what with all the twists and turns and provocative plot threads that the writers keep delivering. Westworld has kept us on our toes and thinking throughout, and it’s currently some of the best television out there at the moment.

As for the other two, critics haven’t taken too kindly to Divorce, but it seems to be doing alright with audiences and as we all know, HBO loves working with Sarah Jessica Parker. Insecure, meanwhile, has a lot of people talking and has also introduced a “brand new voice” to viewers, as Bloys puts it:

“‘Insecure’ is a thrill to have on the air because it’s a brand new voice. I love when we’re able to introduce somebody with something to say who you haven’t necessarily seen before.”

So, there you have it. WestworldDivorce and Insecure will all be back for another season, but tell us, which one of these shows has caught your attention the most this Fall? Let us know by dropping a comment down below.

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