HBO is developing a ‘Game Of Thrones’ sequel series centering on Jon Snow for whatever reason


In today’s episode of “Who asked for this?’ HBO is reportedly developing another Game Of Thrones spin-off series, this time focusing on Jon Snow.

In case you have forgotten what happened to Jon Snow after you tried to delete the memory of the hit HBO series’ final season, our boi Aegon Targaryen is sent into exile after assassinating Daenerys, and he is to live out the rest of his days north of The Wall with the free folk, including bestie Tormund.

Now, The Hollywood Reporter has shared that we haven’t seen the last of the man that knows nothing, despite the original series trying to make the fates of all characters as concrete as possible.

Little is known about the project thus far, beyond the fact that Kit Harington is attached to reprise his Emmy-nominated role. While there are now seven known GOT spin-offs in the works, this series appears to be the first taking place following the events of Game of Thrones‘ final season.

The series is reportedly still in early development, so we’re not going to see Snow (feat. The Wildlings) anytime soon. The first GOT spin-off, House of the Dragon, is set to premiere on Aug. 21. The prequel series focuses on House Targaryen and all the drama going on in that family, with a focus on the civil war that breaks out within the dynasty, taking place two centuries before the events of Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones reached its dramatic conclusion in 2019, with a final season that everyone famously enjoyed and had no problems with whatsoever. Not a single one. Nada!

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