HBO Lands ISIS War Documentary Jim: The James Foley Story


HBO has landed the TV rights for Brian Oakes’ hard-pressing documentary Jim: The James Foley Story, centering on the titular journalist that was killed at the hand of ISIS forces in 2014.

Charting the life and lasting legacy of Foley, the feature was directed by Oakes – Foley’s close childhood friend – with producing help from Eva Lipman, George Kunhardt and Teddy Kunhardt, along with Peter Kunhardt as executive producer.

Working as a freelance war correspondent in Syria, the late American journalist was first kidnapped in 2012 by armed militia on Thanksgiving Day, before later being publicly executed in a heinous act that turned many people’s attention to Syria and, specifically, the radicalized Islamic State. At the time, ISIS claimed that Foley’s killing was a direct response to American air strikes carried out in Iraq.

More than a year-and-a-half later and Oakes is keen to uphold the legacy left by his late friend.

“I made this film to carry on the stories that Jim needed us to know,” said Oakes. “It’s important that we understand the significant role of today’s conflict journalists and why they risk their lives to tell the world how bad it can be.”

Jim: The James Foley Story will premiere exactly one month from now when Brian Oakes’ button-pushing documentary airs on HBO come February 6.