HBO Max drops ‘Search Party’ final season trailer and it takes ‘cult hit’ literally


HBO Max has debuted a trailer for the fifth final season of the show Search Party, and it looks like this season will be a doozy.

Search Party is known for switching genres and focus while still carrying an undercurrent of comedic sensibility, and this season is no different. The show follows a group of twenty-something privileged hipsters in Brooklyn searching to find themselves and find their own meaning in protagonist Dory Sief’s (Alia Shawkat) quest.

In the trailer, Dory becomes a cult leader of some sort and somehow gets connected with a wealthy guy named Tunnel Quinn (Jeff Goldblum). The trailer shows Dory in the hospital after a near-death experience and then growing into a leader in a move that’s “a level of narcissism that none of us can relate to.”

It looks intense and builds into a tense crescendo featuring sirens and police officers. Here’s the official synopsis.

In the new season of Search Party, Dory enters a very public business partnership with charismatic tech billionaire Tunnel Quinn on the other side of her near-death experience. Dory folds her old friends Portia (Meredith Hagner), Elliott (John Early) and Drew (John Reynolds) into the venture as they embark on an altruistic but terrifying journey. Search Party returns to HBO Max for its fifth and final season.

The show’s been well received, with a 96% score from critics on Rotten Tomatoes.

The show’s gone from a mystery about a missing person to a legal drama to a thriller. In the first season, Dory’s focus on finding someone she barely knew served as the show’s narrative engine.

“Ever since we did the pilot, the tone has always been something that we figured out blindly,” Shawkat told The Hollywood Reporter. “And it just kind of ends up working and we just keep trusting our weird instincts. I try to carry Dory’s emotional arc, and the style just ends up speaking for itself. It still has this connective tissue throughout, namely these four characters, and how they’re haplessly struggling to define themselves.”

Charles Rogers and Sarah-Violet Bliss (Fort Tilden) created the series. John Waters and Kathy Griffin are also guest stars this season. It premiered on TBS in 2016 but moved to HBO Max for season three.

Goldblum said he was extremely excited to join the show.

“‘Search Party‘ is such a brilliant show,” Goldblum told Variety. “What a thrill and a privilege it is to get to be a little part of it! I respect and adore everyone involved with this magical entertainment.”

Season five of Search Party premieres on January 7.