Things Come To A Head In The Dexter Season Seven Trailer

All the plunged blades, all the lies (and most frighteningly) the dark passenger are all on the table, so to speak, in Dexter’s seventh season trailer which provides plenty of tantalizing teases of what’s to come for our favourite sociopathic blood splatter analyst.


This first look (overlaid with the great song “Change” from Deftones) picks up right where season six concluded, with Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) coming to terms with waltzing in on her brother Dexter (Michael C. Hall) offing the Doomsday Killer. For the first time the newly-promoted detective will learn what it’s like to ride through life with a dark passenger – be it a penchant for vigilantism or, simply, a secret.

Also ignited with these rather unfortunate turn of events will be Dexter’s own struggles with how to deal with his sister’s knowledge of his alter ego, the wrath of Miami Metro intern Louis (following Dexter’s rather forward criticism of his serial killer video game) and the inquisitions of La Guerta after finding a blood slide at the church crime scene.

To top things off, we get some rather ominous snippets in this trailer including Deb slugging Dexter in the face, a knife-wielding shadow lurking over Deb and Masuka (C.S. Lee) getting stabbed in the throat by the man himself (though judging by the brazen setting I’d hypothesize it to be a daydream of some kind). The shot of a hulking figure clad in a twisted-looking Viking mask is just icing on the cake at this point.

As all of Dexter’s past transgressions come to a head in season seven and we’re all but promised a bloody and emotionally charged bit of television that will put the Bay Harbour Butcher closer than ever to the electric chair.

Dexter returns to Showtime September 30.

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