Heat Wave Isn’t A Fan Of Supergirl In New Promo For Upcoming DC TV Crossover


Unfortunately, there will be no new episodes of Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow this week, but on the plus side, we’re just days away from The CW’s highly anticipated four night crossover. Kicking off with Supergirl on Monday and the continuing in The Flash and the shows mentioned above, it will pit the DC Comics characters against a horde of alien invaders known as The Dominators, and if this promo makes one thing clear, it’s that the whole planet is at stake as they go to war with our heroes.

Of course, it’s not Supergirl’s world that she’s been enlisted to protect, and it will be a lot of fun seeing her interact with characters like Green Arrow and Heat Wave. The latter doesn’t seem too impressed by the Girl of Steel in the video above, though she quickly puts the Legend in his place when he pokes fun at her name.

Interactions like that are arguably the biggest draw of the DC TV crossover, though the action scenes also look pretty amazing (especially for a television show’s budget). Kara clearly isn’t going to become part of the Arrowverse any time soon, but it’s hard not to wonder if someone from that world might end up heading back with her.

Time will tell, but in the meantime, stay tuned for more promos of the event before it kicks off in earnest with Monday’s episode of Supergirl.