Hemlock Grove Gets New Trailer Ahead Of Netflix Debut

Following in House Of Cards’ footsteps (and getting the jump on incoming new Arrested Development), Hemlock Grove is Netflix’s next all-original program to go live, full-season, on the subscription video service in mid-April. The Eli Roth-produced thriller looks to take cues from Twin Peaks and The Killing in its depiction of a small town dealing with the death of a teenager while going about their business as the sort of weirdos that would get curtain-twitchers tutting. Another trailer’s been released for the series, which you can can view right here, right now, and without a moment’s delay (unless you’re at work or just, like, don’t want to or something…)

Hemlock Grove stars Famke Jansen, Bill Skarsgård, Penelope Mitchell, Landon Liboiron, Lili Taylor and Dougray Scott, but if I’m watching this (and I might do: it’s got werewolves) it’ll be for Aaron Douglas, best known to Battlestar Galactica fans as Chief Tyrol and best known to time-traveling fans as the temporally displaced Young Brian Dennehy. Douglas’ last starring role was in a series dropped by its network after three episodes had aired, so I’m hoping he gets a fairer shake of the stick this time, and also for the phrase ‘fairer shake of the stick’ to quickly enter the popular lexicon and make me a millionaire.

Hemlock Grove is the latest in a long line of extracurricular commitments distracting Eli Roth from directing his first feature film since Hostel II in 2007. It seems at first glance to be less like the sort of exploitation homage he tends to favor though there’s plenty of potential in the story of the curious denizens of Middle America. Also werewolves.

The series is adapted from Brian McGreevy’s novel (also named Hemlock Grove) and its 13-episode series will be available for your binge consumption on April 19th. Ready for another Netflix Original, or tired of yet another American adaptation and pining for something truly original? Let us know below.