Henry Cavill’s dream project is marvelously nerdy

The Witcher

Henry Cavill has always been known as a proud nerd, and his role as Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’s The Witcher has cemented him as a geek legend. And in an exclusive interview with Empire Magazine’s Pilot TV podcast, Cavil revealed his dream project. Unsurprisingly, this project is just as geeky as you would expect. 

During the interview, Cavill discussed the new season of The Witcher, his love of the videogames, and his desire to make the series accurate to the books. Near the end of the interview, the host asked Cavill about his love of Warhammer 40K and asks why there has never been a decent adaptation of the legendary Games Workshop sci-fi franchise. 

In response, Cavill said that he would love to do something set in the 40K universe. When the host suggested that he take the role of fan-favorite character Gregor Eisenhorn, the legendary Inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos, Cavill quickly responded.

“I don’t know about Eisenhorn necessarily, when you’ve got Valdor and Primarchs out there, then it seems a shame to be a mere inquisitor. But I would absolutely leap at that opportunity. It’s something I would be very, very excited to do.”

However, despite his radiant enthusiasm for the idea, Cavill notes that he’s glad Games Workshop, Warhammer 40K’s owners, have been protective of their IP and that there are not “loads of TV shows and movies and stuff done poorly.”

Cavill also said that if a Warhammer 40K series ever happened, it would need to be done “perfectly” and “to a Lord Of The Rings level.” He also noted that he would be happy to do Warhammer 40K’s prequel series Warhammer 30K, or even Warhammer Fantasy. 

He summarized the segment by saying that the Games Workshop worlds are “so rich” and that the universe is “so exciting.” He said that a series based on them is the “true dream job opportunity” and that if he had the chance to show them in live-action, he would be “ecstatic.” 

This isn’t the first time Cavill’s love of Warhammer 40K has been on display. Recently a clip of Cavill talking about Warhammer on the Graham Norton Show went viral on Twitter. Many users were upset at how condescending Norton was towards Cavill’s hobby, leading to many people Tweeting in support of the star. 

Only time will tell if a Warhammer 40K series comes to fruition. However, if Games Workshop ever decides to take the plunge, it seems clear that Henry Cavill will be first in line at the auditions, waiting to realize his dreams.