Here are the Best Gifts for ‘Doctor Who’ Fans


Looking for a gift for a friend or loved one who has everything? You should be able to find something in all of time and space! 

‘Doctor Who’ has been a gifting machine since it exploded into popular culture in 1963. The volume of merchandise may have varied over the years, but there’s still a healthy vortex of inspired and inspiring gifts available right now. 

Although there are plenty of ‘Doctor Who’ toys around, it’s not just gifts for all those little Daleks. You’ll find something for all ages and different budgets in our rundown of this year’s best gifts for the Time Lord or Time Ladies in your life.

Doctor Who and the Christmas Invasion

The first of the ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas specials has been novelized as part of the retro TARGET Collection. Jenny Colgan adapted it from Russell T Davies’ original script – the showrunner confirmed to return to the show in 2023. In these pages, you’ll find out all about the Tenth Doctor’s first adventure with a stocking full of extra details. It’s perfect reading for a Christmas evening until you hear the robot Santa band start to play outside. Several other modern episodes of ‘Doctor Who’ have been adapted, including ‘Rose.’ 

Doctor Who’ Pocket Watch and Pendant Necklace


This vintage gift set is perfect for the Time Lord or Lady about town. The metal fob watch is inscribed in Gallifreyan. It’s a distinctive look, and nothing says Doctor Who more than time itself.

Weeping Angel Tree Topper


The ‘Doctor Who’ fan in your life will love this alternative to the traditional angel at the top of a Christmas tree. That said, only the brave will want to go anywhere near it without their eyes wide open. 

Doctor Who’ Annual 2022


The traditional ‘Doctor Who’ annual was revived with the show in 2005, with a new edition arriving every Christmas since. A fun distraction, the annual is packed with games, short stories, and comic strips, as well as crucial information about the show’s monsters, heroes, and periods. This is a lovely gift that reflects the current generation of ‘Doctor Who.’

K9 Women’s Slippers


K9 first appeared in 1977 and proved to be one of the Doctor and their companion’s most faithful friends. Guest-starring in several spin-offs, one version of the robot dog even headlined the Australian TV show ‘K-9’ in 2009. Now, the TARDIS’s best friend can not only repel Krargs and seal black holes but also keep feet warm.

Time Lord Victorious: Defender of the Daleks


Last year’s Time Lord Victorious event was an epic story that connected several Doctors over multimedia and brought us Daleks, Ood, and the hideous new enemy, the Kotturah. Defender of the Daleks collects the story contribution from Titan comics. A perfect gift for fans of Doctor Who and comic books, it features excellent characterization, stunning art, and one of the most sarcastic Daleks anyone’s met for a while.

Doctor Who’ 17′ Scarf


If you’re going to get anyone a Doctor Who scarf, make sure it’s the authentic 17 foot version, as worn by the Fourth Doctor at his peak. Just make sure whoever you gift it to steers well clear of closing doors. 

50th anniversary British Icon Dalek 


Astonishingly, we’re very close to the Doctor’s 60th anniversary, but there’s still time to get your hands, or plungers, on this 12” Dalek. Complete with lights, sounds, 10 key phrases, and exclusively for the show’s golden anniversary, an iconic Union Flag livery. 

Sylvester McCoy Complete ‘Doctor Who’ Season One


Classic ‘Doctor Who’ is making its way to Blu-ray with a host of amazing special features. Here’s one of the latest releases featuring all four stories from the Seventh Doctor’s first year – that’s Season 24 in old currency. It’s when the show threw off a lot of criticisms of the 1980s and embarked in a direction that would inspire its revival in 2005. It’s 1987, and the TARDIS is heading for Lakertya, Paradise Towers, Iceworld, and Wales.

Electronic Weeping Angel Plush


The Weeping Angels’ recent appearance in ‘Flux’ has shown they’re not going anywhere soon. If you know a ‘Doctor Who’ fan who can’t get enough of the Lonely Assassins, this might be just the gift for them. This 9” plush features sounds and phrases from the show. What does an Angel have to say? There’s only one way to find out. Squeeze, but maybe don’t blink.

The Thirteenth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver


The Thirteenth Doctor will be bowing out in 2022 after three seasons in the TARDIS. Like the TARDIS console room, her trusty sonic screwdriver features a distinctive and rugged design, but it also offers the lights, sound, and fun of all her predecessors’ trusty tools.

Mr. Men: The 13 Doctors Collection


Mr. Men meet Doctor Who? How could anyone resist? Doctors one to 13 are here, their mini-adventures collected in one slipcase. Daleks have never looked sweeter.

Doctor Who Laplander Hat


Keep your head warm and let your friends know you think their head’s a lot bigger on the inside when you give them this catching polyester head warmer in TARDIS design.

12oz Weeping Angel Mug


There’s no guarantee this mug will stop anyone staring when you drink from it, but this sizable mug should grab attention. This is a gift for lovers of a hot drink.

Looney Labs ‘Doctor Who’ Fluxx


Not the Flux you were expecting? This card game has nothing to do with the recent TV mini-series but everything to do with a fun night of gaming. This ‘Doctor Who’ spin on the Fluxx card game propels players through the show’s history, from the classic to the new.

The Edge of Reality


The latest Doctor Who video game adapts and adds to The Edge of Time VR game released by Maze Theory last year. The Edge of Reality lets you take on a host of classic monsters as the Tenth and Thirteenth Doctors across multiple consoles. As well as PC, it’s available on PlayStation, Xbox, and soon to arrive on Switch. 

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