Here are the best gifts for ‘Friends’ fans

Some shows remain stuck in time, never to be heard from again. Others try to make a comeback with a reboot or reunion. But Friends has remained popular ever since it first hit television screens. Friends also had a reunion earlier this year, but it was more of a fan service endeavor than a fresh attempt at getting new fans to binge the show⏤as if Friends actually needed more fans!

While Friends originally aired in 1994, teens and young adults today are still watching the series and finding common ground with characters during a completely different moment in time. That’s because Friends has become timeless, something that’s enjoyable to watch regardless of the era you watch it in.

Because of all the newfound fans of the show and the impending holiday season, it’s the perfect time to get your favorite Friends lover a gift that has something to do with the show. What kind of gift?, you might be wondering. Never fear⏤we’ve got you covered.

Here are the best holiday gifts for the Friends fan in your life.

Friends quote rug

For fans of Friends, the iconic Joey Tribbiani quote, “How you doin’?” lives rent-free in our heads. Rugs from Etsy and other small shops have become increasingly popular this year, and because they’re customizable, you can get any quote or photo from the show put onto it. It’s a nice housewarming gift and an even better one for the holiday parties you’re bound to attend.

The One With All the Cards

Everyone loves a good game of Cards Against Humanity, and what better way to enjoy the popular crowd-please than by adding in peoples’ pop culture faves? Fans of Friends are sure to enjoy the expansion pack The One With All the Cards and the endless show references it provides.

Friends Funko Pops

Many people collect cute little bobbleheads called Funko Pops, and of course the brand has released a Friends collection. Getting the fan in your life one or all of the cute bobbleheads would make for a great gift or series of gifts! They can be displayed either in or out of the box and serve as the start of your friend or family member’s very own Funko addiction. These would be a great gift for someone who’s obsessed with a lot of different fandoms, especially if they already have a few Funkos of their own.

Friends-inspired makeup

Makeup is another great gift idea, especially because there are so many different brands and items to choose from. In this set, we see mini eyeshadow palettes, a larger palette, and even lipsticks with lobsters on them! The packaging of it all is where we really see the reminder of the show and it’s all so beautiful that we can’t imagine why someone wouldn’t want this. If you know a Friends lover who also happens to be fashion-forward, then this is the perfect gift for them.

Central Perk-inspired mug

Fans of the show know and love the coffee shop at its center, Central Perk. While it’s not actually a real place and was created exclusively for the show, you can still get a decent amount of merchandise inspired by the cafe. For coffee addicts and fans of the show alike, a mug with the cafe’s logo is a perfect choice. It will make every cup of coffee taste that much sweeter and friendlier.

Friends DVD box set

When Friends left Netflix, fans were up in arms, and while it’s available on HBOMax, not all of the show’s fans have access to their favorite show. For those who still have DVD players, why not get them a box set of the entire series? You know it will be used, because what Friends fan doesn’t want to rewatch the whole show over and over again? It’s simple, affordable, and an easy choice.

Friends-inspired Christmas tree ornament

Since it is the holidays, what about a Friends-inspired ornament for someone’s Christmas tree? This gift is useful, your pal can use it more than once, and it’s on display for everyone to see. There are plenty of memorable quotes and scenes to put on an ornament, and if you know your Friends fan well enough, it should be easy to determine which one deserves priority.

Friends clothing

Another simple but exciting idea is clothing inspired by the series! Like other ideas on this list, because of the memorable scenes and lines, gifts with words and/or pictures are a great idea due to their uniqueness and instant recognizability. Whether it’s a personalized shirt or one you happen upon while doing more shopping, a Friends shirt, sweater, or even pants would make for a great (and comfy) gift!

Friends cookbook

If you know a food lover or maybe even a master in the kitchen like Monica, try giving them a cookbook inspired by the show. It includes recipes for foods seen on Friends and even ones they’ve talked about. It’s definitely a more specific gift than others on this list, but a good one nonetheless.

A Cameo from a cast member!

Whether a fan’s favorite character was Rachel, Joey, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe, or Ross, everyone has one. If you can figure it out, some of the cast members are available on the website Cameo to make short videos for fans. You could order one of these videos and have one of the cast members do a small shoutout to the Friends fan in your life! It would be something meaningful that they’d remember forever!

Whatever you select for that Friends-obsessed person in your life, just know that it’s a gift that will be cherished just as much as the series has been. And as always, when in doubt, pivot.