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Here Are The Top 5 Youngest Winners Of The Voice

If they were younger, they would have to participate in The Voice Kids.

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The American singing competition The Voice has revealed amazing talents with 20 winners so far. Some of the artists are incredibly young and many of them are quite young. Considering that The Voice Kids has an age limit of 14, it’s amazing to see so many young singers getting to first place.

We considered the age the contestants had when they performed their blind auditions since many won The Voice at the same age. You can also see who were all the 20 winners of the show here (to editor: link). Here are the youngest winners of The Voice:

5. Cam Anthony – 20 years old

Cam Anthony participated in The Voice‘s season 20 in 2021 and won at 20 years old. He sang Lay Me Down from Sam Smith and got John Legend, Blake Shelton, and Nick Jonas to turn their chairs in the blind audition, but Nick blocked John Legend, and Blake was the chosen one in the end.

He went viral on Youtube before joining The Voice and had already won in the revival of Showtime at the Apollo in 2018. Anthony won the public with Stand Up from Cynthia Erivo and Wanted Dead or Alive from Bon Jovi.

4. Sawyer Fredericks – 16 years old

Sawyer Fredericks quickly impressed all four coaches to turn their chairs as he sang got is a folk singer I’m a Man of Constant Sorrow by Dick Burnett in the blind auditions. The 16-year-old at the time won season eight in 2015 with Pharrell Williams as his coach.

Fredericks reached the finale by singing mostly rock and folk songs. He captivated the public with Old Mand by Neil Young and his original song Please in the finale and took first place in season eight of The Voice.

After winning the show, he has released three albums, including one from 2020, and has accumulated more than six million streams on Spotify for The Fire song, five million for Take It All, and 110,901 monthly listeners.

3. Chevel Shepherd – 16 years old

Chevel Shepherd made to first place in The Voice at age 16. Her If I Die Young by The Band Perry presentation in the blind auditions made Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, and Blake Shelton turn their chairs, but she chose to be in Kelly’s team.

The country singer got to the finale and sang Broken Hearts, her original song, and It’s a Little Too Late by Tanya Tucker. She was the first country singer to win without being in Blake’s team.

Chevel launched a Christmas album in 2020 and a one album called Everybody’s Got a Story in 2021. She also started her acting career in Wildfire (2020) directed and written by Eric Parkinson.

2. Carter Rubin – 15 years old

Carter Rubin is the first male youngest singer to win The Voice and the second-youngest winner overall at the age of 15. He participated in The Voice in season 19 aired in 2019. He performed Before You Go by Lewis Capaldi in the blind auditions, which made Gwen Stefani and John Legend turn their chairs.

Carter chose Gwen in the end and she took him to first place, giving her her first win in the show. He mostly sang pop music during the show and performed The Climb from Miley Cyrus and Up from Here as his original song in the finale, taking first place.

Given his age, he still attending school, but is active in social media and has teased that he is working in a debut album on the side despite the coronavirus pandemic.

1. Brynn Cartelli – 15 years old

Brynn Cartelli became The Voice‘s youngest winner at just 15 years old. She performed at age 14, however, and had her birthday during the show. Blake and Kelly Clark pushed their buttons for her Beneath Your Beautiful from Labrinth and Emeli Sandé during season 14 in 2018.

She sang mostly pop songs in The Voice and won first place with her original song, Walk My Way, and Skyfall by Adele. She ended up being the first turn for Kelly Clarkson and the coach’s first win in her first time in the show.

She continued her singing career and has released several singles and an EP with Elektra Records in 2021 called Based on a True Story. She has accumulated more than six million streams on Spotify with just her If I Could song.

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