Here’s How Daniel Radcliffe Could Look As The MCU’s Moon Knight


Having grown up in the limelight after spending a decade as the star of one of the most popular blockbuster franchises in history, Daniel Radcliffe could have easily continued to piggyback off the success of Harry Potter for the rest of his days or faded quickly into obscurity, but instead he’s made a conscious effort to branch out, and as a result he’s become one of the most interesting young actors working today.

The 31 year-old certainly isn’t averse to taking risks and in the last few years alone he’s played a farting corpse in Swiss Army Man, an undercover FBI agent posing as a neo-Nazi in Imperium, an Israeli adventurer lost in Bolivia in true-life tale Jungle, a cocaine smuggler in Beast of Burden, a South African political prisoner in Escape from Pretoria and a computer programmer who ends up with guns bolted onto both hands in insane action flick Guns Akimbo.

Although he continues to show remarkable range and versatility, Radcliffe has admitted that he could be tempted back into the world of mega-budget studio projects if the material appeals to him, and he’s frequently found himself being linked to the title role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s upcoming Disney Plus series Moon Knight. Now, some new fan art from Daniel Savage imagines how he could look as the fan favorite character, and you can check it out below.

While Daniel Radcliffe doesn’t exactly seem like the obvious choice when it comes to casting the MCU’s Moon Knight, Marc Spector is the sort of complex and morally-ambiguous figure that looks to be right up his street, and there’s arguably no better place to jump back into the realm of franchise filmmaking than a starring role in the MCU.

Source: Instagram