Here’s How Oscar Isaac Could Look As The MCU’s Moon Knight

Moon Knight

Marc Spector’s costumed alter ego might not be as easily recognizable as some of Marvel Comics’ other major superheroes, but Moon Knight has remained an enduring fan favorite ever since making his first appearance 45 years ago. In fact, for a lot of people, the vigilante’s upcoming live-action debut on Disney Plus is the single most exciting project that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has headed down the pipeline.

Even those that aren’t too familiar with the character will be getting hyped following the news that Oscar Isaac is in talks to play the lead part, in what would be a huge casting coup for the franchise. The Disney Plus exclusives are finally starting to fill the title roles, and the former Star Wars and X-Men alum is a phenomenal actor that’s built his career on range and versatility.

No stranger to the world of either comic book adaptations or big budget blockbusters, the 41 year-old would seamlessly fit into the MCU’s established mythology, and is a well known enough name to generate interest among casual audiences that may have never even heard of Moon Knight before. Now, following the news breaking yesterday, some fan art from Venomhology has emerged that imagines how Isaac could look in costume, which you can check out below.

The MCU’s small screen expansion is shaping up rather nicely, with Tatiana Maslany still expected to play She-Hulk despite denying her involvement, while Samuel L. Jackson is also throwing on the eye patch and taking his first recurring episodic role to lead a Nick Fury series. Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight would be the icing on the cake, though, and it certainly makes sense to cast the biggest name as arguably the most obscure character from the studio’s upcoming television lineup.