Here’s What The Stars Of Supernatural Want To See In Season 12

supernatural s11e20

The eleventh season of Supernatural shook the series to its core as it saw the return of characters such as Lucifer and Chuck/God, along with the introduction of Amara, who turned out to be the latter’s sister. With many loose ends that were on the minds of fans everywhere for years having been tied up, many of us are left wondering where the show can possibly go next.

Two things, however, are certain. The first of which is that Sam and Dean’s mother, Mary, has been miraculously resurrected from the dead, thanks to the generosity of Amara. The second is seeing how the Men of Letters function on a global scale, something that was hinted at in the Season 11 finale. Apparently the longstanding organization doesn’t like how the Winchesters handle things and intend to give them a good talking to, to put it lightly.

But what do series regulars Jensen Ackles (Dean) and Jared Padalecki (Sam) wish to see in the next year?

TV Line recently caught up with the duo and Padalecki was the first to make a simple request:

“Some nice Sam/Castiel scenes. I love Misha [Collins]. I get a lot of Sam/Dean scenes, and I love Jensen, but I love exploring the Sam/Castiel relationship.”

Normally, I think of Sam, Dean, and Castiel as a trio when our favorite trenchcoated angel is around, but when I give it further thought, perhaps we do see more of Dean and Castiel together when they splinter off. An actor certainly has better recollection of whom they do scenes with than the rest of us and I would certainly welcome more of a Sam/Castiel dynamic.

Ackles, on the other hand, is a bit more bold:

“Purgatory, I thought, was a really, really cool part of the story. That might be cool to maybe go revisit.

“I’d also like to see more of a hunter network. I’m a big fan of the original format of the show, the monster-of-the-week kind of thing. [But] I don’t know how we necessarily get back to that with everything that’s happened.”

As you may remember, Purgatory was a key element in Season 8. I kind of see that as being behind us, but considering the many surprises we received in Season 11, you never know.

Supernatural begins its twelfth season on Thursday, October 13 on The CW.

Source: TV Line