Heroes Reborn To Bring Back Cristine Rose As Angela Petrelli

Heroes Reborn

Original Heroes characters Peter and Nathan Petrelli (played by Milo Ventimiglia and Adrian Pasdar, respectively) won’t be returning for this year’s miniseries restart, Heroes Reborn, but that doesn’t mean that their cold, manipulative, conniving mother will miss the party.

According to EW, Cristine Rose, who played Angela Petrelli over the course of Heroes‘ four seasons, has joined the new show’s ever-expanding list of familiar guest stars. Similarly to the likes of her former co-stars Greg Grunberg, Jimmy-Jean Louis, Masi Oka, Sendhil Ramamurthy and Noah Gray-Cabey, Rose won’t have a large role to play in the new show, and will instead appear in a smaller arc.

Those concerned that the returning cast members will steal some of the spotlight from the new additions should rest assured, as creator Tim Kring has ruled out the return of some of the show’s biggest stars (like Hayden Panettiere, the aforementioned Petrellis, and Zachary Quinto), and promises that he’s found a delicate balance between old and new:

“Everybody who’s coming back has been in the press. We have a cadre of characters from the previous that will make appearances – some bigger than others, some just in a cameo way. It will be an interesting use of the older characters.”

The Heroes alum with the biggest arc will likely be Jack Coleman as Noah “HRG” Bennet, who leads the series along with franchise newcomer Zachary Levi. They’ll be joined by a brand new cast that includes Judith Shekoni, Robbie Kay, Henry Zebrowski, Kiki Sukezane, Ryan Guzman, Danika Yarosh, Toru Uchikado, Eve Harlow and Gatlin Green.

Heroes Reborn‘s 13 episodes will air on Tuesday nights on NBC later this fall.

Source: EW