Heroes Reborn Adds Dexter Actress Rya Kihlstedt To Cast


Rya Kihlstedt

NBC’s Heroes Reborn reboot series continues to shape up, as another actress has been added to the growing cast. According to EW, the latest addition is Dexter and Masters of Sex alum Rya Kihlstedt, in a role that – much like most of the details about this project – is being kept tightly under wraps.

We do know that Kihlstedt will be a series regular, so whoever she’s playing, we’ll be seeing a lot of her. She’s just one of several new additions to the Heroes mythos, the others being Zachary Levi, Ryan Guzman, Robbie Kay, Kiki Sukezane, Judith Shekoni, Dinika Yarosh, Henry Zebrowski and Gatlin Green.

Much of the original cast is not expected to appear, though several of them could pop up in cameo roles. Those who we know will be present are Jack Coleman’s Noah “HRG” Bennet, Masi Oka as Hiro Nakamura and Jimmy Jean-Louis as “The Haitian.”

Apart from a brief teaser trailer and an equally vague plot synopsis, not much has been revealed about Heroes Reborn, which is expected to premiere on NBC this summer for a 13-episode run. With the summer movie season about to go into full swing (and with it a slew of new superhero projects) though, expect to see some sort of marketing campaign in the coming months.

Source: EW

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