‘Herogasm’ delivers on its promise, but it also includes the best fight scene in ‘The Boys’ so far

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Warning: The following article contains spoilers for The Boys season three episode six

All the hype has been for Herogasm this week as the sixth episode of The Boys brought fans a glimpse at the promiscuous sex lives of Supes, but one scene in the episode stole the show and there was no intercourse to be seen — but there was a naked man.

During The Boys season three episode six, fans finally got to see Soldier Boy come face-to-face with Homelander and as you’d expect, these two Supe titans facing off was something to behold.

Furthermore, thanks to temporary V, both Butcher and Hughie got in on the action producing what is so far the best fight in The Boys’ three-season run.

Things kick off with Homelander blasting Butcher with his laser eyes expecting to have killed him before he and Soldier Boy trade hands. Thanks to temp-V, Butcher comes back to save Soldier Boy from losing a close fight and the pair with Hughie’s help manage to restrain Homelander be it only for a moment.

During this fight, there is plenty of impressive choreography and action visuals but the standout moment has to be when Homelander and Butcher go head-to-head testing the power of their laser eyes.

We’ve still got two episodes left in season three and plenty of loose ends to tie so it’s likely we’re still going to get more of this action in the next few weeks.

The Boys season three, episode six is now available to stream on Prime Video with the remaining two episodes to land each Friday until July 8.

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