Need A Laugh? Watch This Hilarious Behind-The-Scenes Doctor Who Video


Are you terrified of the Cybermen? Have those emotionless metal meanies from Doctor Who been haunting your nightmares since childhood? Well, fear no more, as we might have found the remedy for that: Just watch them bouncing around on trampolines.

In the video up above, we go behind the scenes of the explosive climax of the season 10 finale, “The Doctor Falls,” where the titular hero appeared to blow up the Cybermen with the aid of his sonic screwdriver. In this new featurette, we see that the effect of the these monsters being flung around the forest was done with the high-tech aid of… a trampoline. No really, take a look and see for yourself. If it doesn’t make you laugh, then you must be a Cyberman.

This promo arrives at the perfect time, as fans desperately need a laugh after the heartache of the finale. There was death galore in the episode, as Missy and the Master wiped each other out (despite being the same person), Bill met a bittersweet end as her soul got to escape her Cyberman body and travel around the universe with her water-woman girlfriend Heather (yeah, just roll with it) and, last but not least, the Doctor lost his life defeating the Cybermen hordes.

We’ll see Peter Capaldi regenerate into whoever it is who’s taking over from him when Doctor Who returns this Christmas. At that point, the actor will be joined in the special by Harry Potter‘s David Bradley, who’s playing the original incarnation of the Doctor (originally portrayed by William Hartnell).