‘Hitman’ actor addresses the silence around the TV adaptation of the games


It looks like production on the Hitman television series has hit a bump in the road. The iconic character, Agent 47 has undoubtedly been the driving force of the successful video game franchise. We also saw the latest installment — Hitman 3 — which was released in 2021 becoming the most successful game in the franchise. But unfortunately, the success of the games has done nothing to move their live-action TV adaptation forward, which was announced back in 2017.

In a conversation with ComicBook.com, David Bateson, who has voiced the stealthy Agent 47 in all eight main video game releases, admitted that the production on the new Hulu series may have hit a dead-end and he has no idea what exactly is going on.  

“I don’t know if it’s a COVID thing, it could be, but sometimes productions sort of get green-lighted, and then others just go away or just get mothballed for a while. And then, someone just dusts off this script again and goes ‘We’ve got to make this film!’ And then, it becomes a no-brainer and it gets done. I think it’s quite scary sometimes how the machinations of the behind-the-scenes power plays turn out.”

Bateson had previously revealed in a chat with Youtuber Dan Allen that he was meant to be a part of the television series, as a handler to Agent 47, and admitted he is still up for the chance to take on the role. 

I would definitely be up for it. To be someone working in the back office, the kind of M figure saying, ‘Okay Agent 47, careful now, it’s loaded’ or whatever. I’m open, definitely. But I haven’t heard much since it’s kind of been put as pre-production.”

The Hitman video games have already been adapted twice, with Timothy Olyphant and Rupert Friend portraying the bald-headed assassin in 2007 and 2015. Although both movies were critically panned, they were financial successes. Now, with the latest adaptation’s development possibly stuck in limbo, there’s no telling when Agent 47 will grace our screens again.

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