Homeland Review: “A Gettysburg Address” (Season 2, Episode 6)

Homeland shows us that it doesn’t need to rely on questions of allegiance or psychological trauma to keep us on the edge of our seats with our fists tightly clenched and our jaws wide open.

In yet another episode that just keeps giving, not only are we hit with a major terrorist attack, but the slower threads to this story have finally begun to show their paths. Though not nearly as rewarding as last week’s episode, the start to Brody’s new gig as a re-doubled agent gave the suspense and the questions that it promised. As Quinn has duly noted, can we really trust Brody?

With everything seemingly in the CIA’s favor, there wasn’t much to be expected other than the eventual tracking of Roya, an expectation that was graciously met with the amount of screen time she received. As expert craftsmen, the writers of Homeland knew they would need another person to focus the attention of terrorism on once Brody was revealed and so they so cleverly created the character of Roya to give us a reason to believe the story would continue.

And there she was, sneaking around, clearing the area, and planning who knows what with who knows who. The revelation of the man she was talking to being one of the men who attacked the shop was frightening as it gave Roya a sense of intimidation she didn’t exhibit before – now we’re scared of her. As important as she seems, I still see Roya as a character who will not survive this season as she is incredibly expendable, but we’ll see.

One who did survive was Quinn, however, and his complete lack of trust in Brody is evident of how threatened he feels around him. Quinn is good and much more impressive than he has had time to show – my assumptions of course – so there was no way they’d kill him off without having a purpose in the show. He stands in a very similar spot as Roya: they needed another CIA agent to tie things together. Though I quite like his character so far – and how seamlessly he fits into Homeland – I don’t know if he’s long for this world after the mysteries of his character is revealed.

Someone who is long for this world is Mike. With barely anything to do and being not quite the expendable character Roya and Quinn are, he’s left trying to uncover the real reason behind Tom Walker’s death with his annoying friend Lauder. Mike does find his answer, but to what avail? Being part of the original cast means a certain kind of safety from the impending doom of some of the other newer characters – unless they pull a Game of Thrones on us – but seeing as Mike really doesn’t have a reason to be there anymore, they could kill him off for effect. I do like him though.

And don’t get me started on Dana and Finn. Other than being terribly annoying and a complete douchebag, Finn is someone they need to fix….and quickly. I understand there are characters that are made so we can love to hate them, but Finn has shown no purpose to his being. There’s no reason to even hate him – and the cliché he is – because there isn’t even a reason for his existence. Make Dana go through emotional trouble similar to her fathers? Sure, but at least we didn’t necessarily hate Nazir, who is the biggest baddie Homeland has. Fix Finn!

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