Homeland Review: “Two Hats” (Season 2, Episode 9)

And so the beginning of the major threat of this season’s Homeland has finally been revealed. How big it will become is still kept heavily under wraps, but the peek we’ve had of each plot line is showing to be extremely promising considering there are still three episodes left. The big question is: what is going on in Brody’s mind and where does he stand on this attack?

Though this episode wasn’t nearly as big as those in the beginning of the season, it did feel more true to Homeland than before. The investigations on the alleged attack on the homecoming and that of Quinn reminded me of what made Homeland thrilling in season 1 – and and stated before, the beginning of season 2. There was only a small hint of the atrocity that is Carrie and Brody’s “romance” and Dana’s questionable storyline with Finn was no longer present. We were back to the unknown; something Homeland does brilliantly.

The way in which Brody revealed the much presumed first layer of the big plan was odd only in that Homeland rarely reveals key bits of information through flashbacks. Even in season 1 where we learn of Brody and Issa, it still felt very much like the present due to the way it was filmed and presented. In this episode, the flashbacks were clearly flashbacks and nothing else. It would have been nice to see Brody and Nazir having the conversation, but as it is, it’s clear Brody isn’t telling the CIA – and us for that matter – something dearly important. Another nod to what made season 1 so epic.

Though I’m expecting a nuclear meltdown from Carrie in the coming episodes leading up to the finale, I did enjoy the lack of useless crazy she has exhibited since she found out she was right about Brody. She was an agent doing her actual job instead of running in fields and sleeping with the asset. In fact, Carrie was barely there this episode, which was a nice surprise and a breath of fresh air. Don’t get me wrong, Carrie is a great character, but one who relies too much on chaos. I still feel the showrunners haven’t quite gotten Carrie yet as it seems like they’re throwing her in a million different directions at once. I do hope they find her…..

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