Homeland Review: “Staying Positive” (Season 3, Episode 6)

homeland s03e06 03

Talking of which, no Brody again this week. It’s another bold move on the part of the writers, I think you’ll agree. They’re really building up his reappearance by dint of not showing him at all, but part of me wants him to never return. I’d like it if we never found out how he escapes the Tower of David, perhaps only incidentally hearing about his death. But this is Showtime, previous home of Dexter. Look how that show ended. They’re never going to let Brody die, let alone give him a quiet off-camera death in Venezeula.

Dana’s story was nice and, for once, played just right. Not a lot of time was dedicated to it because clearly, the writers realised that the audience wouldn’t need to see that much of it. Changing her name signifies the steps she’s taking to separate herself from her crazy family, and Jess’s gesture of offering Dana the money left on her credit card as she leaving with her friend was beautiful, in its own way. Has she decided to maybe let Dana ride this one out for now? Or is it a Kim-from-24-style ploy to allow herself to get kidnapped by a homicidal ex-mental health patient and taken into the woods? We’ll never know (until it definitely happens).

All in all, I liked last night’s Homeland. This was a good week. Sure, the writers seem intent on spinning more and more plates every week without ever slowing down, but that only means it’ll become either the best season finale ever or the biggest letdown in TV history since Dexter. The stakes are pretty high, and it’d be a shame if they fudged it up.

Random Robservations:

  • I wish they’d give Chris more to do.
  • No Virgil?
  • Behrooz was also an Iranian character in 24. Will the comparisons never cease?
  • Max’s hammy look of disgust as he sat down next to Fara was hilarious. We get it, a Muslim helping take out Iranian terrorists is unexpected. We get it. What, had he never seen or heard about her before?
  • Javadi went from charming and compliant victim through sweet grandfather to murderous psychopath in the space of about half an hour. Impressive.
  • That punch at the end really felt like Saul getting something off his chest, right?