Homeland Season 4 Adds To Its Cast



It is certainly no exaggeration to suggest that season 4 is a pivotal moment for Homeland. The award-winning drama, which began airing in 2012, burst onto our screens with the premise that a US Marine had returned home after having been held by Al Qaeda for 8 years, with a determined CIA agent suspecting he had been ‘turned.’

Three seasons later, the show is worlds away from that pilot episode, and has had us in a vice-like grip the entire time. But now, it’s time for an overhaul. Season 3 effectively drew that original premise to a devastating conclusion, and Homeland moves forward into new, uncharted territory – having to establish a whole new story arc without a character that was previously a major player.

The team behind the show have not shied away from the challenge, however, and are continuing to add impressive names to the cast to bolster their efforts. Already confirmed are Laila Robins (Damages) – playing Martha Boyd, the US Ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan – and Corey Stoll (The Strain) – playing Sandy Bachman, the CIA Station Chief in Pakistan. Now, we have the details of three more additions.

Mark Moses (Mad Men) will play Dennis, described as a debauched academic who teaches political science at Islamabad’s Quaid-I-Azam University. Indian actress Nimrat Kaur (The Lunchbox) will play a high-level operative in Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence, and Art Malik (The Wolfman) will play Pakistani General Bunran “Bunny” Latif, who is revealed to be an old friend of Saul Berenson (played by Mandy Patinkin).

When Homeland returns on October 5th, 2014, we will find out whether the show has found a way to successfully move on from its original plot and, crucially, whether it can bring the audience along with it. The addition of such talent to its recurring and guest cast is certainly encouraging, though.

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