Horror Show Reportedly Leaving The CW

Another one bites the dust for horror television fans. That’s because The CW recently announced it would be pulling Killer Camp after just two episodes from the second season aired, according to ComicBook.

The show was an adaptation of a British competition series in which 13 campers are recruited to solve who is the killer among them while completing physical challenges. And at stake for the winner is a massive cash prize. However, it looks to be that the show was not meant to be as Dena Cain’s Masters of Illusion will now be occupying the spot in the Sunday lineup.

If you ask us, slap some Among Us set design and costume motifs over the top of it and TV execs can have a hit on their hands once again!

For those hoping for the show’s return, it is possible the show may air later on in the year to occupy slots needing to be filled by The CW as most of the second season of the show has largely been completed.

Below is a press release The CW released earlier this year:

“The new U.S. version of KILLER CAMP will return to ‘Camp Pleasant’ as a mix of 13 unlucky American and British campers navigate through new deadly twists and surprises while competing to expose the ‘killer’ among them for a share of the $50,000 cash prize.  Each night, one of them will be viciously dispatched by camp handyman Bruce, who’s back with counselor Bobby (comedian Bobby Mair), and a whole host of surprises and hilariously elaborate new murders. Executive produced by Karen Smith and Steph Harris with Ben Wilson as Showrunner, KILLER CAMP is produced by Tuesday’s Child Television and distributed by Keshet International.”

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