House Of Cards Season 5 Booked In For May 2017 Premiere


You didn’t think Frank Underwood would let Donald Trump’s inauguration steal all the headlines now, did you? Striking while the iron is still piping hot, Netflix has announced that House of Cards season 5 will premiere on May 30, 2017.

That’s significantly later than previous seasons, given the first three installments of Netflix’s political flagship made their respective bow in the February window, before season 4 bucked tradition and debuted in March of last year. A switch from Q1 to Q2 has been attributed to Netflix’s stacked slate – for the sake of perspective, Marvel’s Iron Fist series currently occupies the mid-March corridor – but it does mean viewers will have to wait that little bit longer before paying a visit to the Underwoods.

Indeed, last we checked in on Frank and Claire Underwood, their erratic relationship had started to show fleeting signs of repair, as Netflix’s power couple huddled up in Washington’s Situation Room to bear witness to a gruelling terrorist attack. But as is so often the case, the Underwoods have an ulterior motive, as they fan the flames of terror to ensure the American populous lives in a constant state of fear. As Kevin Spacey’s glowering anti-hero states at the tail-end of season 4, “we make the terror.”

On the casting front, House of Cards has been quietly recruiting newcomers to its starry ensemble in anticipation of season 5, with Patricia Clarkson and Campbell Scott being the most recent additions. Due to his villainous role in Marvel’s Luke Cage, the jury’s still out on whether Mahershala Ali will return as stoic lobbyist Remy Danton. Stay tuned for more on that one.

One nation. Underwood. Expect all 13 episodes of House of Cards season 5 to premiere on May 30, 2017.