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‘House of the Dragon’ fans can’t shake the ‘Shrek’ vibes given off by a certain character

Did George R. R. Martin take inspiration from Dreamworks?

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Warning: This article contains spoilers for House of the Dragon

Fans were enthralled when House of the Dragon gave numerous callbacks from the original show. But lately, especially in the recent episode, fans noticed that one of the characters is giving off ‘vibes’ from a certain Shrek character. And not gonna lie, the similarities are uncanny.

Reddit user u/maple_sizzurpp called out Jason Lannister for having a similar personality and mannerisms as Prince Charming from Dreamworks’ Shrek 2. This character was first introduced in episode three, where he tried to flirt his way into Rhaenyra’s heart but was rejected instantly. Sounds familiar? Because in Shrek, Prince Charming was supposed to be Princess Fiona’s “true love” but was saved by Shrek. So in the film, he tried to flirt (and love potion-ed) his way into the princess’s heart and was rejected instantly.

And OP is not alone. Other fans pointed out that similar comparisons were made back in Game of Thrones with Jamie Lannister. So it’s interesting to see how things haven’t changed within their family lineage and how there is some consistency in the show.

But it’s not only the Lannisters that have fans bringing out their Dreamworks goggle as similar comparisons were made with Queen Alicent Hightower. Reddit user u/_Iamthe_senate posted two days before the episode aired that the Queen looked similar to Princess Fiona. And fans agreed.

While it’s highly unlikely that Martin took inspiration from the popular Dreamworks films for his characters, who’s to say that the screenwriters who adapted his books for the show did? But maybe this is just a coincidence and we’re looking too much into this. After all, the green dress has a bigger meaning in Martin’s books and the Lannisters were always like this.

House of the Dragon is now available to stream on HBO Max.

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