‘House of the Dragon’ fans debate whether Viserys is, in fact, just a ‘lonely nerd’

The king who really doesn't want to be a king.

In many regards, Viserys is unlike any other king we’ve seen in the history of the Seven Kingdoms. Add his peculiar characteristics to Paddy Considine’s charismatic portrayal, and you might get an inkling of why House of the Dragon fans seem to be obsessed with him, especially in a story that features the likes of Corlys Velaryon, aka the Sea Snake and the Rogue Prince himself, Daemon Targaryen.

Overall, King Viserys appears to be a reluctant ruler, though not in the say way Robert Baratheon was. The Targaryen monarch doesn’t shun responsibility and seems to care about the state of affairs to some degree, but it seems that the weight of all the politicking around him has left a toll. More interestingly, perhaps, is the fact that Viserys might be the first king in Westeros — at least the first we’ve seen depicted — to actually have a hobby that he’s passionate about.

Now, with the third House of the Dragon episode showing a somewhat recluse Viserys drinking away his loneliness while his full court is attending, fans are wondering if the character is really a “lonely nerd” after all, stuck in the wrong place at the wrong time.

There’s definitely something really sad about Viserys, or perhaps as plain as all the tragedies that have befallen him.

King Viserys is so adorable when working on his scale model of Valyria that you might forget he’s the most forbiddable man in all the Seven Kingdoms. Perhaps even Essos.

Not to sound snarky or anything, but could this be why the internet is so fascinated by Viserys? Because we see, ever so tentatively, our own lonely nerd selves in the Targaryen king?