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How Do You Win The Circle?

You have to play the part to take home the prize.

The Circle

The Circle is a Netflix reality television series that puts its own unique spin on the genre. In this show, players move into an apartment complex together — however, there is no neighborly interaction. In fact, contestants don’t see each other at all until the conclusion of the show.

How the show works is that players interact with one another through a social media application created for the show. On here, contestants can choose how they portray themselves to their opponents with the goal of being the most liked of the bunch.

At the end of each episode, each contestant rates each other, and the players with the two highest ratings become influencers, with the other contestants risking being “blocked” and eliminated from the game. Once blocked, players may have the opportunity to meet other players still in the game in person, and the day following their elimination, the remaining players are shown the real identity of the blocked contestant.

With its unique premise, you may be wondering just how you can win The Circle and take home that $100,000 prize. Here’s what viewers should know.

How To Win The Circle

Similar to how it has functioned through the elimination portion of the series, the winner of The Circle is determined through the rating system as the highest-rated player still in the game.

It’s that simple! The winner will then take home the $100,000 prize but for those who hadn’t made it to the end, there is still hope as there is a second $10,000 prize handed out after fans cast their votes of who their favorite member from the series was.

So that’s it. To win The Circle you’ll need to build the trust of your fellow contestants so they prefer you above the rest of the bunch when it comes time to make those important rating decisions.

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