How many episodes of ‘Hawkeye’ Is Florence Pugh in?

Even though the Jeremy Renner vehicle only just launched last week, we’re now officially halfway through Marvel’s Hawkeye. With Disney Plus dropping two episodes last Wednesday to make sure the show is over by Christmas and episode 3 landing this Dec. 1, we’ve only got three more weeks to go until the six-part series has concluded. So, given that, fans are wondering where the heck Black Widow‘s Florence Pugh has got to.

Following BW ending on a post-credits scene in which Contessa Valentina sent her after Clint Barton, after claiming that he was responsible for Natasha’s death, Marvel confirmed that Pugh would be returning as Yelena Belova in Hawkeye. This suggested she’d be playing a significant role in the show, but with just half of it left to go, it’s still unclear where the character will slot into the storyline.

Adding to the confusion is the series’ IMDb page. As pointed out by @horrorandseance on Twitter, Pugh is listed as appearing in four episodes on the site. Well, unless we’ve somehow missed her, we can categorically say that’s not the case.

Assuming there is any truth at all to IMDb’s credit, does this mean we can expect Pugh to arrive on the scene in episode 4, and then she’ll stick around until the finale? Will she only show up for the last two episodes? Or will she just have a one-and-done guest spot? Hopefully, after all this hype, Yelena has more than just a glorified cameo, but there is a lot else going on in Hawkeye so that eventuality is feasible.

While Pugh didn’t pop up this week, at least we got what is almost certainly our first glimpse at Daredevil villain Kingpin, so we’ve got Wilson Fisk about to be added to the mix, as well. That’s on top of Clint, Kate, Echo, Swordsman and the rest of the show’s ever-ballooning cast. I guess we’ll just have to keep watching Hawkeye Wednesdays on Disney Plus to see how Yelena fits in.