How many kids does Gordon Ramsay have?

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Gordon Ramsay is one of the most recognizable names in the restaurant industry. His global restaurant group was founded in 1997 and has earned a whopping 16 Michelin stars over its lifespan. Even today, Ramsay’s restaurants hold onto a full seven of those stars.

Ramsay’s career has maintained over the years, thanks to his multitalented appeal. He is a skilled chef, restauranteur, cookbook author, and television personality. He’s been married to his wife, Tana Ramsay, since 1996 and in total, the couple share five kids.

Here’s what you should know about Ramsay’s five children. 

Megan Ramsay

Megan Ramsay is 23 years old and is Ramsay’s oldest child. On Instagram, she has over 223,000 followers, all of whom love keeping up with her and everything she’s got going on. Some of her life’s highlights include spending time with her friends, enjoying camping trips, gambling at casinos, and experiencing precious moments with her siblings.

Highlight reels on her Instagram showcase how the eldest Ramsay child spends every season of the year, during which she consistently lives it up. While plenty of fans are curious to know if she is currently dating anyone, she hasn’t spoken up about a relationship or posted pictures with any potential partners.

It seems that, for the time being at least, education is her top priority. Megan is a graduate of Oxford Brooks University, where she earned her International General Certificate of Secondary Education in 2014. Following her stint at Brooks University, she enrolled at Bradfield College. There, she earned her English Literature degree a few years later, in 2016.

These days, she’s working hard as an associate at a health and behavior change team company called Freuds. She was hired by the company in August of 2019. Prior to that, she served as an intern at a handful of different organizations.

Holly Anna Ramsay

The second of Ramsay’s daughters, 21-year-old Holly Anna Ramsay chose a different professional path, focusing instead on modeling and social media influencing. She’s currently signed to EST Models and studies fashion design at London’s Ravensbourne University.

Holly Anna’s Instagram includes several pictures of her wearing eye-catching and trendy outfits. A quick scroll through her Instagram reveals plenty of bold selfies alongside photos showcasing some of her favorite luxurious vacations.

She’s also the voice of a podcast available for streaming on Apple iHeartRadio called 21 & Over with Holly Ramsay. In the podcast, she discusses subjects including mental health, self-doubt, struggles with anxiety, and how to create your own identity in today’s modern world. In some episodes, she candidly opens up and gives details about her own personal life journey. Other episodes of her podcast include interviews with advocates, musicians, and other interesting guests.

The premise of Holly Anna’s podcast celebrates inner growth and aims to help others become more excited about the future. The approach she takes with her podcast helps Holly Anna to come across as one of the most relatable members of the whole Ramsay family.

Jack Scott Ramsay

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Jack Scott Ramsay is the eldest Ramsay son. He’s veered far from his father’s career path and interests, brushing aside a career as a chef or television personality in favor of service to the United Kingdom‘s Royal Marines.

The 21-year-old remains the only member of the family who does not appear to be an avid social media user. He does have a well-documented interest in health, wellness, and fitness, however. In April 2018, pictures of he and his sister surfaced following their participation in the annual London Marathon. Their goal was to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital in memory of a brother they lost following their mother’s heartbreaking miscarriage.

In terms of education, Ramsay attended the University of Exeter while also enjoying martial arts classes. He trained in Brazilian jujitsu starting in April 2017 and, prior to that, played rugby with his high school team.

Tilly Ramsay

Tilly Ramsay is Ramsay’s 20-year-old daughter. Her real name is Matilda Elizabeth Ramsay and, these days, she works as an English television presenter, social media influencer, and chef.

One of the most notable projects she’s worked on is the BBC cooking show Matilda & The Ramsay Bunch, which she appeared in alongside the rest of the Ramsay family. She wrote a book called Matilda & The Ramsay Bunch: Tilly’s Kitchen Takeover, which was published in 2017, and studied at London’s Ibstock Place School.

The third Ramsay daughter is quite popular on Instagram, where she has over 1.2 million followers, more than any of her siblings. Her TikTok game is also pretty stellar, if her 9.7 million followers on the video-sharing platform are any indication. Much of her TikTok content includes her boyfriend, Nikita Kuzmin, a professional dancer and choreographer.

Oscar Ramsay

Ramsay’s youngest child, who is already pretty popular on Instagram himself, is named Oscar Ramsay.

The bio of Oscar’s profile announces that his account is “managed by my big sisters Tilly Ramsay and Holly Ramsay.” Many of the pictures posted feature the young Ramsay clearly enjoying quality time with his father, eating sweet treats, and hanging out with his siblings.

The youth’s Instagram profile is filled with a slew of baby pictures, including the day he was taken home from the hospital for the first time. Oscar was born in April 2019, and seems to be thriving, just like the rest of the Ramsay gang.

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