How old is Jennifer Love Hewitt?

When it comes to tv stars Jennifer Love Hewitt is amongst the most successful. Throughout her seasoned career as an actress, she has remained a constant feature on television paying homage to her roots.

Hewitt became a household name thanks to her work in the TV drama Party of Five. Along with her success in television Hewitt has been the star of cherished films like I know what you did last summer, Heartbreakers, House Arrest, and even a starring role in Garfield.

With Hewitt’s career spanning the past two decades, you may be left wondering just how old the actress really is.

How old is Jennifer Love Hewitt?

Born on February 21, 1979, Jennifer Love Hewitt is currently 42 years of age, but she’s had an extremely long career for her age.

Hewitt got her start in acting by appearing in a variety of different commercials, but the first big role she would land was on the Disney Channel variety show Kids Incorporated. At just 10 years old she would star on the show for a run from 1989- 1991. Not long after this, she would land her first gig in a feature film in the form of Munchie.

Some years later Hewitt would see her rise to stardom thanks to landing the spot as Sarah Reeves Merrin on Party of Five. The show would not only go on to be extremely successful itself but also excel Hewitt into stardom.

In the early 2000’s Hewitt would try her hand at the big screen with appearances in a range of films but ultimately she made her return to television alongside her film career. While acting has been her main endeavor, Hewitt has directed multiple episodes of Ghost Whisperer and The Client List and has been a producer on many productions. Namely her last endeavor to the big screen in the 2012 film Jewtopia

Right now Hewitt stars in Fox crime show 9-1-1 as Maddie Buckley Kendall in a lead role since season two. With a seasoned career in acting, Hewitt has done it all.