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How Tall Is Britney Spears?

The Princess of Pop may be shorter than you think.

How tall is Britney Spears?
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Britney Spears has been all over the news lately, thanks in large part to the early February release of an FX and Hulu documentary titled The New York Times Presents: Framing Britney Spears. The special provided a far deeper glimpse into the famous pop star’s rise to stardom and shocked many fans with its clear display of the abuse and misogyny she endured over the years. The film also let viewers in on the conservatorship that Spears has lived under since 2008, which was initiated in response to the public breakdown the young star endured. 

This conservatorship is currently under review after Spears sought to remove her father from his role and charge him for “conservatorship abuse.” The legal role initially placed her father, Jamie Spears, in control of both her estate and financial affairs, along with Spears as a person. Her career and finances have been under parental control for more than a decade now, despite a vocal fan movement seeking to “Free Britney.”

All this media attention has brought Spears, one of the primary music stars of the ’90s and 2000s, back into the spotlight. The legal battles she has faced over the years, paired with her terrible treatment by paparazzi and the public at large, has spurred a wave of support for the pop star. It has also brought on a new surge in interest regarding details about the star, including her current age—considering she started her career at the young age of 15—and height.

So, how tall is Spears? Here’s what we know

What is Britney Spears’ height?

It may not matter to every Britney Spears fan, but true stans of the Princess of Pop know Spears’ height is of note. She doesn’t clock in at the average middling height of many pop stars, actually landing a bit lower on most estimations than many people realize. That’s because the “Oops!… I Did It Again” singer is only 5’4”, a slightly shorter-than-average height.

She’s certainly not getting denied access to any roller coasters, but Spears stands a hair underneath the majority of her pop colleagues. With public support mounting behind Spears, she seems to be approaching some of the brightest years of her life at 39 years old—despite the consistent legal battles she’s been fighting beneath the public gaze.

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