Hugh Laurie Could Play Blackbeard In New TV Show

Now that Hugh Laurie has officially hung up his stethoscope and has stopped talking in an American accent, he might like to dedicate his time to something other than unlikely blues guitar albums and bad movies that nobody ever went to see.

Well, shiver me timbers: it’s been reported that the former House M.D. star could follow in the footsteps of fellow Brit Ian McShane in playing infamous pirate bastard Blackbeard for upcoming pirate-themed TV show Crossbones. Yes, Crossbones. That’s its name.

Crossbones will be overseen by Neil Cross (ha!), who worked on British TV show Luther. Apparently this thing will be set in 1715 in the Bahamas, where Edward Teach (Blackbeard) rules over the island town of New Providence, which will of course be an utter dive in every respect with all the rape and pillaging you can imagine. Well, maybe not all the rape and pillaging you can imagine, but a fair amount of it. Despite that, this place also doubles as America’s first functioning democracy, which is nice, isn’t it?

So, does this sound like something Hugh Laurie might excel in? Can you actually image him with a beard and a sword and saying things in that funny way that pirates do?

Source: Empire

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